PowerDog BCAA


BCAA Pure is a mixture of amino acids in optimal proportions for maximum muscle regeneration and development. BCAA supplementation supports increased endurance by improving post-exercise recovery, strength and general fitness. BCAA contains exogenous amino acids: L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine, whose supply in intensive diets is often insufficient. Free forms of BCAA amino acids immediately enter the bloodstream because they are not digestive, as opposed to the protein that is supplied in the food. They are suitable to regenerative needs of training dogs while creating high quality anabolic conditions for muscle growth.

Use: for working and sport dogs which are traing canine dyscyplines: agility, dogfrisbee, flyball, coursing, bikejoring, dogtrekking, herding, obedience or strenght sports. 

  • Improves muscle regeneration and protection
  • Reduce fatigue after training
  • Improves training performance
  • Stimulate of lean muscle tissue growth

Ingredients and dosage

Ingredients in 100g
L-Leucine 50000 mg
L-Valine 25000 mg
L-Isoleucine 25000 mg

< 5kg : 0,5g
5 – 10 kg : 0,7g
10 – 30 kg : 1g
30 – 60 kg : 2g
60kg < : 3g

The enclosed scoop contains 1g of product.

Method of administration

Training day:
PowerDog BCAA Pure should be dissolved in a small amount of fresh, cool water (use the PowerDog Shaker for this purpose). Mix the reconstituted preparation with evening food.


  • The best effect is observed Wwhen BCAA Pure 60 min. is use after training in combination with a small amount of water and PowerDog Isotonic – because of its carbohydrates, which will increase the insulin response, helping to pass amino acids straight to the muscles.
  • If your dog is lacking energy during heavy exercise, give a half-day dose of BCAA Pure 50 min. before they start, the second part after finish it.

Non- workout day:
PowerDog BCAA Pure should be thoroughly dissolved in a small amount of water (use the PowerDog Shaker for this purpose). Mix the reconstituted food with the morning food.